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Why Used Engines From Japan Over Rebuilt Engines?

If you have a Japanese model vehicle, ask us for details about our low mileage used motors (engines) from Japan. These used engines are factory tested before distribution and imported from Japan and shipped to California. They are a good option to consider when your vehicle reaches a point to be replaced.

These used engines are available from Japan because of a combination of factors. The first is that since the country is an island, the climate in Japan causes cars to rust out in a very short time.
Secondly, Japan has a strict bi-annual inspection of nearly 50 systems and components (including visual condition) and repair costs are extremely high. Lastly, tax on used Japanese vehicles increases as the car gets older, plus a key factor they use their vehicle a lot less than we do here is that the parking lot and tollgate charges every time they drive out during weekdays are unthinkable.

As a result of these factors, vehicles in Japan suffer from quick depreciation and it becomes cheaper to replace a used car rather than continue its maintenance and end up having low mileages eventually. These laws were most likely initiated to reduce their vehicle population problem without reducing new vehicle sales in the Japanese domestic market. This has had a positive effect on many aspects of the automotive industry, including increased new car sales, lower production cost, technological advancement of new models, improved air quality, and safety, etc.

You own a Japanese vehicle and if you want to keep it as long as it lasts not only to enjoy riding of it but also be ready for coming new era to save, you should look into swap the engine from Japan. Since many Japanese cars are recycled long before their American equivalent, it is easy to see why high quality low mileage Japanese motors are readily available on the US market.

After all, how well do you judge used engines from Japan?

Used Japanese Engines are great! Toyota Engines, Nissan Engines, Toyota Turbo Engines, Nissan Turbo Engines, Honda Engines, Mazda Engines, Mitsubishi Engines, Honda VTec Engines, Mazda Rotary Engines, Subaru Engines, Suzuki Engines, plus High Performance Engines, etc.


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