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  1. How many miles do your engines and transmissions have on them?

  2. We honestly do not know and if any of our competitors quote you a mileage figure, they are only guessing. THE 35,000 MILE THEORY. This theory originated by taking the average yearly Japanese driving miles and multiplying that figure by the average years the vehicle stays in use in Japan. While this average might be close, it is not exact. Our High Quality engines, in most cases, will better this rule of average.

  3. Do the Japanese have to sell their engines or junk their cars at a particular mileage or time?

  4. NO! The Japanese car Inspection or Sha-ken as it is called in Japan, determines whether it is cost effective for a person to keep his/her vehicle. The inspection is a detailed biannual inspection that is very expensive, especially for older cars that may not pass. The owner is penalized heavily for any failures. The U.S. Department of Commerce can give you more info on this topic.

  5. Are your engines complete?

  6. Our engines are sold as complete "Long Block" assemblies. That is just like a New engine from the dealership. All the external components from your engine must be exchanged over to our new engine. For example, the intake and exhaust manifold, the starter and alternator, etc.

  7. Are your engines Smog Legal?

  8. Yes. Our engines are legal for all 50 states.

  9. Will it cost a lot for shipping?

  10. No! Our volume discount is passed on to you. Your cost will be surprisingly low! We offer regular express delivery upon request. See shipping info.

  11. How do I pay?

  12. We accept Master Card, VISA, Discover, money orders, and certified checks.

  13. Do you have a good supply to choose from?

  14. Yes. We have a large inventory and we are constantly adding to it in order to meet our customers' needs.

  15. What about warranties?

  16. See our Warranty Information page.

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