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Why Used Engines from Japan?

Due to the heavy traffic and with the advanced public transportation systems in Japan, they prefer to use the public transportation while they keep their own cars in the garage, and the average mileages that the vehicles accumulate per year is just around 5,000 miles. Also, the consumers' aggressiveness let them trade their used cars for new models in every 5 to 6 years even though they are in good running conditions with low mileages.

Additionally, they must have the car inspection every two years, and the inspection process strictly regulated by the clean air law that should take care of the condition of almost every components of the car not to mention the high cost to pass the inspection process. Therefore, vehicles after five or plus year’s of operation in Japan are practically worthless in the market, and those vehicles are disassembled and the low-mileage used engines and transmissions become available for resale.

When CNC Motors bring them into US, each engine is carefully cleaned and tested for compression & leak down by Japanese technicians and we import only the high quality engines and transmissions directly from the most reliable suppliers in Japan.

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